Ethereum sports betting

Despite the fact that the concept of cryptocurrency began to enter our life not so long ago, it is crypto betting more and more actively gaining popularity every year in the world of online gambling. Ethereum sports betting has become more popular for many reasons, at least because it has many advantages over the usual payment methods. With ETH betting, each bet becomes much more profitable, because the commission for the transfer of funds is completely absent and passes instantly. And also, modern gaming platforms try to keep up with the times by providing a lot of bonuses to the owner of such a currency and at the same time, the wager is not too high.

Therefore, it is recommended to read more about this article, which will give you a general idea of this currency and its place in the betting industry.


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Bet on Sports With Ethereum

An experienced player could be accustomed to the classic and trusted method of betting, when he chooses one of the protected sportsbooks and chooses among the sports that he is interested in, makes a deposit using a card or an electronic wallet, and makes a bet. Without knowing the principle of operation of Ethereum betting, there may be an opinion that this is something different from the standard process. However, Available Ethereum Sports Betting Options confirm that the betting process does not differ at all from the usual one for most players and the difference is manifested only in the changed payment method in ETH. The player can still receive a welcome bonus and also configure ETH Betting options. Among the available betting options are the following:

  • Ethereum Basketball Betting;
  • Ethereum Football Betting;
  • Ethereum Soccer Betting.

This is a list of only the most popular types, of course, there are many more of them and the player will immediately be able to access them all after the deposit.

Ethereum Sports Betting Site

Sports betting sites for beginners can cause a lot of questions. Let's start with a brief description of what it is. This is a platform that can provide any US player with access to sports betting, which also has strict requirements for security standards and the availability of licenses for gambling activities. As it is clear from the description, the most important thing to pay attention to is the availability of security licenses that guarantee the security of the fund and user data. Such a site can be called a good sports betting platform.

In fact, there are much more criteria for choosing a high-quality website and many of them are purely individual. For example, one of these indicators is the site design. Of course, it can be disgusting, but someone can say that it is user-friendly and will be pleased with it. Therefore, in the selection of the best sites that you will see below, such a parameter as «Beautiful design» was not observed, since this parameter will be subjective. The main rule of analyzing any platform is objectivity, so we will definitely adhere to it. This way you will be sure of the reliability of the research and will be able to enjoy the game without any doubts about the quality of the platform.

Best Ethereum betting sites

After such a description of Ethereum betting sites, it is not surprising if you have a desire to find out what are the best Ethereum betting sites. In the table below you will see a selection of proven and reliable platforms among which you will definitely find your favorite Ethereum sports betting site:

ETH Sports Betting Offer Blocked Currencies
  • BetOnline
100% up to 500 USD UK, AUS USD, ETH, BTC
  • BetUS
100% up to 2,500 USD crypto offer IT USD, EUR, BTC, ETH
  • MyBookie
100% up to 1,000 USD UK, IT USD, BTC
  • SportsBetting
100% up to 100 USD AUS, UK USD, ETH, BTC
  • Sportsbet
100% up to 1 BTC IT, Asia, UK BTC, ETH
  • Bovada
50% up to 250 USD AUS USD, EUR
  • Betcoin
100% up to 2 BTC UK, AUS BTC, ETH, USD
  • Rolletto
120% up to 240 EUR/USD UK, IT EUR, USD, BTC, ETH
  • XBet
100% up to 100 EUR Asia, UK, IT USD, EUR, BTC, ETH
  • Nitrogen Sports
100% up to 3 BTC UK, Asia BTC, ETH, USD

Ethereum Sportsbook

It would be a big mistake not to pay much attention to the reliability and legality of the Ethereum sportsbook. In addition, doing sports betting on cryptocurrencies implies the presence of an additional account on one of the «blockchain» sites. This is an analogue of the usual banking system, which, however, is characterized by special anonymity during transactions. This distinguishes cryptocurrency from using any other method. Anonymity and the absence of commission, coupled with the high speed of payment processing, brings BTC and ETX gamble forward. Using these currencies, you can also bet on any odds at your discretion, while maintaining anonymity and not giving extra money to pay fees.

Of course, you can still follow your habit and use the payment methods that you used before, but you should understand that time does not stand still and it may be worth becoming less conservative for the sake of your earnings. It is only necessary to try one or another modern method as it immediately becomes favorite and convenient for you. We advise you not to hesitate to try new things and experiment with withdrawal and deposit methods. It may be that you are annoyed by the method that you are using now and the cryptocurrency will become a real «salvation» for you.

Deposits And Withdrawals At Online Sportsbooks

Special attention should be paid to the deposit and withdrawal of funds using this type of payment. The difference from a wallet or a credit card is that you will not be redirected when requesting payment to another third-party site. During the deposit, you will see a QR code and a combination of characters below it on the screen. As previously mentioned, you must have your own blockchain account with a fund to use the method. So, if you are convinced that you have enough funds, then you either scan the code in your blockchain application or copy the code there and make a transfer to the desired amount of cash. The payment will be instantly transferred to the sportsbook and you will be able to start betting on sports online. The withdrawal of funds differs in the opposite direction, you enter your code from the blockchain in the field on the gambling site, and the won crypto money is credited to your account. At the same time, there is no special binding to a specific wallet, you can use different wallets every time or, for example, withdraw money from the site to a friend's wallet without restrictions with a low commission and in a short time. This is just a wonderful perspective that should not be abandoned.

Pros and Cons


  • Transaction processing speed.

If we take into account that the usual payout method such as bank cards and wallets can take up to 15 minutes of processing and this is not counting the time for unnecessary manipulations on the bank's website before confirming the payment, then the speed of payment with cryptocurrencies may seem simply cosmic. Any of your deposits, if you use crypto, will be extremely fast, and if you compare BTC and ETH in this case, then the processing speed of ether takes an average of 5 seconds, unlike one minute of processing bitcoin. A trifle, but it's nice. This advantage of ETH and BTC is felt especially clear if you make a lot of payments per day.

  • Anonymity.

This item has a special value because it guarantees not only the confidentiality of sports bettors, but also their security from hacker attacks. Hackers will not be able to gain access to any sums of money or the player's data. Your anonymous betting accounts will remain like this forever if you use ETH. Also, online sports betting will be much more pleasant if you have no doubts about privacy in your thoughts.

  • Cost in relation to payments.

For a player who wants to make a sports bet for a long time, this item will have one of the decisive values. In the long term, a constant deduction of a percentage of the amount of money won leads to large expenses, and using Ethereum such a problem will not arise. On the «Cashier» page, you can see for yourself that on any platform, the method with ether will be much more profitable for the commission than any other.


  • Volatility.

An element of some risk will definitely be present if you use ETH currency. This is easily explained, because cryptocurrencies do not have a solid base now and the currency exchange rate is unstable. This can be both profitable for a player using Bitcoin or Ethereum, as the value may increase, and unprofitable if the rate goes down. Nevertheless, this disadvantage is smoothed out by the fact that there have not been any sharp jumps yet and we can notice significant changes in the currency after at least a week.

  • Lack of availability.

Not every sportsbook is ready to offer sports betting on Ethereum to a player. ETH sports bet entered our life not so long ago and therefore not every site accepts this method. This somewhat restricts the choice of sites, so it will be difficult to find one that accepts if you do not use a selection of sites by the type of the one that is on this page. Your cost will be more stable if you use this cryptocurrency, so it's still worth paying attention to finding a good site.


I would like to draw a concrete conclusion, but everyone will have to decide for themselves. To briefly summarize, cryptocurrency is a new modern way to make payments on the sportsbook that has its own benefits. Namely, this is the absolute anonymity and relativity of this method. Based on this alone, it would already be possible to recommend this method, but in addition to anonymity, it can offer a record low commission and waiting times for payment. Online gambling has definitely moved to a new level with the arrival of this method, and regardless of whether you like casino gambling or sports betting, you will get a special benefit from using Ethereum. Even if you are a conservative person, it is worth trying to create a wallet and make a deposit with cryptocurrency. It will not take much time, and you will get a more complete idea about this method and will be able to make an informed decision: whether to make this method your main one or not.


Ethereum is one of the types of cryptocurrency that differs from the established bitcoin in a special way of mining. This currency also provides an improved platform with new transaction processing algorithms that have a positive impact on processing speed and security. Its main advantage, like any similar currency, is its decentralization. It is decentralization that ensures the anonymity of each transaction, since data about it is transmitted not to one specific server, but to many servers that perform their task of decrypting data without ever getting access to complete information.

You can exchange your USDS or any other currency on special blockchain sites that serve as wallets for your ETH as well as exchangers. You can also receive this currency using your computer by setting it up for a process that is called «Mining» in the community. This method requires good hardware in the computer and a certain amount of time, but its advantage is that there is no need to convert money.

To use your cryptocurrency, you just need to create a wallet on one of the blockchain sites and use one of the ways to top up your account written above. After you make sure that you have enough funds in your blockchain account, you can use the QR code on the «Cashier» page of your favorite sports betting platform and then make an instant transfer of the required amount. This is a secure and safe method for starting betting, so do not worry about the safety of your funds. Place a bet and win.

Cryptocurrencies are not something prohibited, so if online sports betting is allowed in your state, then you can use cryptocurrency without any problems without worrying about possible prosecution by the law. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the legislation of your state and make sure that you have the right to this type of entertainment.